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Seattle Festivals

The festivals in Seattle are amazing and range from a variety of different activities, food, and entertainment. The Ballard Seafood Festival was the first thing that caught my eye while researching things to do in Seattle. The weekend following July 4th enjoy some local seafood favorites like alder-smoked salmon and the crab shack. There is also live music, arts and crafts, and more food restaurants to check out. If you check out the beer garden you can discover local bands that you might enjoy. 

The second festival that I found intriguing was the Seattle International Beer Festival. If you enjoy a nice cold beer this is the place to be in the Summer. This event pours over 200 different varieties of beer from all around the world. Vendors from many different places come to this festival and show off their finest brews. They have beer from brews like pilsners and pales to hybrid news like barrel-ages happy farmhouse sours. There is still food and attractions to this festival besides the beer. It is even rumored you’ll be able to see Space Needle in the Sun from this festival. 

And lastly, the Seafair Torchlight Parade which has been going on since 1950 is an attraction that many people gather around for 100 parade units to march, float, and dance from the Seattle Center to South Washington Street. It is free and open to the public. There is live music and food throughout the whole parade. There is also a beer garden near the Westlake Center where you can spectate and have some privacy with your family. Seattle is known for their wild and elegant festivals throughout the summertime. These events are for people of all ages and interests. I highly recommend coming to Seattle to enjoy some unique festivals during the summertime. 

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