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5 Amazing Places to Visit in Seattle

While there are many amazing places to visit in Seattle here are 5 can’t miss places when you are visiting the city. Keep in mind you’ll have to plan in advance as a few of these locations require reservations or tickets.

The Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is known for representing creatures that are found in the Pacific Northwest Ocean. It is the ninth largest aquarium in the US with over 27 million visitors. The staff is happy to help if you have any questions. There are a plethora of activities to enjoy at the aquarium.

Some of which include Marine Mammal Feeding, learning about Sea Otters, and enjoying a virtual reality experience with humpback whales! During the virtual reality experience, you can pretend as if you are swimming with the humpback whales. There are motion seats and goggles that have a 360 degree view to make it seem more realistic. It is 6 minutes long and guided by a marine scientist. The marine scientist teaches about their behavior patterns and what people can do to try and conserve the species.

It is recommended that you buy tickets in advance in order to get the whole experience! There is a tide pool at the aquarium. You can stick your hands in and touch sea urchins, starfish, and anemones. The staff will answer any questions that you have about the sea creatures that you are touching.

It is optional to touch the creatures, you can also just view them. Inside, there are also many things to see. For example, you can see a Giant Pacific Octopus that has 3 hearts or walk through a glass ring filled with jellyfish. If you are planning to go as a family, the educational center is the place to go. Here you can expand your knowledge about killer whales. You learn about their unique dialect and diet. Also, you learn about what you can do to help them since they are an endangered species.

All in all, a trip to the Seattle Aquarium is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime!

Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center includes a Planetarium, Laser Dome, Virtual Reality, and two IMAX theaters to enjoy. There are many other activities to enjoy such as a tropical butterfly house, wellbody academy, and living exhibits.

The Laser Dome has a number of shows that include laser imagery and powerful sound. This is an unforgettable experience as you enjoy the music of a live show. The shows are about 50-60 minutes long and you can choose which artist you want to listen to. The IMAX theater includes an advanced digital projection system which is descended just for IMAX screens. Films are shown on 60 feet high and 80 feet wide screens.

There are many living exhibits to visit. For example, the naked mole rat exhibit During your visit you can watch them climb, sleep, and do everyday tasks like clean and gather food. The tropical butterfly house, as mentioned before. You step into the butterfly house and enjoy looking at the variety of butterflies up close. Pollinator Garden which is on the way to the IMAX movie theater. There are hummingbirds, butterflies, and beetles to see. Salt water tide pool. This is where people can feel sea creatures up close and look at them. This is a very exciting experience for kids. There are many animals to see such as reptiles, insects, and axolotls. You learn about each animal and what you can do to help them. The Studio is the name of another exhibit. This exhibit shows the latest health related research happening in the Pacific Northwest. It teaches you about the newest advances in health, challenges, and opportunities.

There are volunteer opportunities to work with local scientists and help create new programs that focus on health research. All things considered, a visit to the Pacific Science Center would be a fun filled day to enjoy with your family. 

Smith Tower

The Smith Tower is a skyscraper located in Seattle. The construction for the tower started in 1911. The skyscraper was designed by Gaggin and Gaggin, an architectural firm in New York. There are about 38 floors which used to be the tallest building on the West Coast, until the Space Needle was built. On July 4, 1914 the first 4,200 people went to the 35th Floor Observatory in the same elevator that is used today.

 Petra Franklin now lives at the top of the Smith Tower with her two daughters. She often hosts gatherings or concerts for the public. Open to anyone, is the observatory ticket. Here there are beautiful 360 degree views of Seattle and an open air viewing deck to enjoy. You go up the elevator and to the 35th floor which is the Observatory level. There is a delicious restaurant and bar to savor. 

If you want to celebrate a special occasion, this is a great place to go. There is a group booking option that can accommodate up to 80 guests. Booking this includes staying at the Observatory and the Lookout Lounge and deck. This is a beautiful view to enjoy with friends and family. The lookout lounge and deck is a lounge that overlooks Seattle. Both include breathtaking views that you can appreciate. It is a great place to relax and soak in the views that you see. 

There are also talking tower tours led by experts about the Smith Tower. On these tours, there is a one hour guided tour of the exhibits, elevators and the Observatory, this is about $29 per person. This is a perfect place to visit for all ages. The views are absolutely incredible.

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